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Patch Notes 25 Feb 24 - 0.0.5


  • Targeting an enemy will now prioritize other final evolutions if you are a final evolution

  • ‘Choose a Power’ powers now also affect any spawned minions

  • If you are killed, you are now less likely to spawn near another player

  • Gap between the inner and out storm has been expanded

  • Improved AI flee behavior

  • Added ability “emphasis” marker to triggered abilities (currently Dragon Lord and Shadowhunter)

  • Additional event added - “Critter Swarm - the hills have been overrun by critters. Clear them out!”

  • Event frequency increased

  • Added controller support for map selection

  • Keybinding text on the HUD will now shift to controller keybindings if one is connected


  • NEW EVOLUTION - Shadowhunter - Final Evolution

    • A sleek and deadly hunter. The Shadowhunter leaps from the shadows and leaves their prey bleeding out before returning to the shadows.

    • Rip and Tear 

      • A damaging attack that deals 200 Damage and applies a bleed dealing 200 damage over 5 seconds.

    • Swipe

      • Applies a DoT in an area dealing 500 damage over 5 seconds.

    • Throat Rip

      • An deadly attack from stealth dealing 500 damage and apply a DoT dealing 1500 damage over 10 seconds.

    • Shadow Prowl

      • Blink forward, increase speed by 25%, and enter stealth. Gain 100% speed for 3 seconds when exiting stealth.

    • Swiftness

      • Immune to slows and roots.

    • Hemorrhage

      • Your enemies bleed out. They cannot heal while being afflicted with a bleed.

Audio & Visual

  • Reduced default tutorial voiceover volume

  • Adding VFX and idle time to World Eater on main menu

  • Added an intersection glow effect to the storm


  • Modified particles related to trees burning

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing Mountain Lion AI would stop out of range of their attacks

  • Tracker trail removed for invisible players

  • Fixed an issue allowing players to occasionally were able to rotate upon death

  • Issue causing projectiles to not provide bloodlust resolved


  • Additional tooltips added to tutorial regarding the storm

  • Tutorial information cards will no longer stack over one another

  • UI keybindings now show correct values when using controller/keyboard

  • Fixed Spark Elemental Description in compendium.

  • Longer Tutorial Level 2 Egg time

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