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Patch Notes 2 June 24 - 0.0.11


  • Critters will no longer hide underwater

  • Ties in the post-game statistics will now be noted by a (T)

  • A hidden “macro game timer” has been added.  If no players have become a Final Evolution by the 45 minute mark, the storm will begin and death will become permanent.  All remaining players will be killed and the game will end at the 60 minute mark

    • Dev Note: The average game time is 15-20 minutes.  This is intended to stop players from sitting idly in games with nothing happening or prevent potential exploits from locking players into an unwinnable game.


  • Chosen Power - Gather Power

    • Catalyst gain increased from just your evolution level to 2 + your level.

  • Dire Elephant

    • Size increased by ~15%.

  • NEW EVOLUTION - Mage King Ogu’Bar - Final Evolution

    • This highly intelligent ogre has honed his magical abilities, allowing him to obliterate his opponents with arcane barrages while using shields and teleportation to stay safe.  Beware his magical might!

    • Magic Missile

      • Fire a projectile that explodes for 150 damage in a small area.

    • Arcane Barrier

      • Raise a shield of magical energy, reducing damage taken by 50% for 5 seconds.

    • Arcane Barrage

      • Fire a barrage of missiles that deal 75 damage each.  Missiles recharge over time, up to 21 missiles.

    • Teleportation Circle

      • Place a circle of power on the ground.  Your next cast teleports you to the circle and consumes it.  When you teleport, recharge all missiles of your Arcane Barrage.

    • Siphon Power

      • Passive.  Deal 100 damage in an area around you every 2 seconds.  Every 500 damage dealt recharges 1 missile for your Arcane Barrage

  • Spitting Lizard

    • Camera Positioning adjusted

Audio & Visual

  • Improved Spitting Lizard animations while moving.

  • Improved the look and motion of damage numbers to increase clarity.

  • Damage numbers will now appear much smaller if you are a Final Evolution dealing damage to a Non-Final Evolution.  Damage numbers dealt to other Final Evolutions will remain their current large size.

  • The Spark Elemental now emits passive lighting.

  • Added visual effects when the Mountain Lion and Xerak Stalker enter stealth.

  • Improved the lighting while the Dragon Lord is under the effects of Fiery Wrath.

  • The storm has been slightly brightened.

  • Improved the DoT and On Hit visual effect for the Shadowhunter’s Throat Rip


  • Improved framerate slightly

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing an extremely high spawn rate in some locations in the mountains.

  • Fixed an issue where dying as a level 7 with enough catalyst to evolve to a Final Evolution would cause the evolution prompt to still be present as an egg.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause DoTs to be removed from the player when re-rolling as an egg.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause trees obscuring the camera to not fade while a spectator.

  • Damage dealt by projectiles and spawns will now be properly recorded for the post-game statistics.


  • Added additional sound and music when entering the queue, a match is found, and the game load is finished.

  • Added a death recap option while in spectate mode.

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