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Nearly there!

We are making great progress here on Primal Hunger. By the end of the year we plan on having our game in the hands of friends and family and hope for public testing shortly after.

One key factor to us getting our multiplayer game to a testable state at the rate we have is our recognition of our own weaknesses. It is no secret that the core team's strength is in programming, not art. For that reason we have realized one of our greatest resources is 3rd party contractors.

As we are a smaller studio we do not have the resources to bring on all of the team members we may want so we have to get creative. Using resources such as Fiverr we have been able to sure up our weaknesses and come significantly closer to a finished product then we ever could have on our own. The proof is in the pudding with these awesome icons we had commissioned.

Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to Wishlist to get all the updates!

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