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Playtesting at Last

After a long period of going quiet we are beginning playtesting on Primal Hunger! The playtest is open as of 5 Apr. Tutorials will be available all weekend and multiplayer lobbies will be opened up for a 3 hour period beginning at 1200 PST 7 Apr.

We had to go dark for a long while for a myriad of reasons but the main reason was that we needed to do some major overhauls on the project. The primary symptom was performance. We were struggling to reach an acceptable framerate.

To be frank we were nervous for a bit that we were going to be able to get the framerate up so we buckled down. We went scorched earth on many of the core packages we used to get the game playable, cutting as many as we could and updating the ones we couldn't.

After several months of working on performance we finally reached an acceptable level. From there, we started on internal playtests with friends and family. These playtests were eye opeing to many flaws in out networking solutions and identified areas in gameplay that needed to be improved.

And after all of that, we bring to you the playtest this weekend. We hope as many people can try it out and we look forward to playing!

As an extra bonus, our first official teaser trailer has been released. Enjoy!

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